Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day a week early this year with my family.  We had a big BBQ in Lapoint and the park.  We always have such fun together.  We played basketball and horse shoes. I'm getting pretty good, watch out!! 
Grandma Horrocks, Mom, Aimee

Playing H.O.R.S.E.  LtoR: Josh and Talisha Christensen, Rocky(my cousin), Jordan, Dad, Jared, Jeremy

LtoR: Jeremy, Josh, Dad, Rocky

Cade on his big wheel!

Playing horse shoes- Jeremy, Jace and Josh( Josh is Jeremy's best friend)

My nephew Konner kept taking people Gatorade's and sneaking behind the garbage can to drink them. It was so funny!!

On the Friday of Mothers Day weekend(May 11th) was my mother in laws birthday.  We went over for cake and ice cream.  Than we played a little football.  Jace loves to play all sports.  Anytime anyone is willing to play catch with him or kick a soccer ball to him he is in heaven.

Cade and his Daddy

Cade LOVES cake and ice cream!!!

Grandma and her 2 boys

Jace and Grandma playing catch

The next day we headed over to Fruita,Co to visit Curtis older brother Tony and his family.  It was his birthday and we also got to see our new niece who we had not seen yet.  We were really excited. We stayed the weekend.  The girls went shopping and the boys went to the movie and saw Avengers.  We had such a good time.  Jace and Cade love their cousins so much!

Curtis and Cade with Ella Reese Spafford our new niece

Cade and Ella

Tony and his mom Debbie. We celebrated her birthday again with Tonys since they are only 4 days apart.

Sunday morning the boys cooked us breakfast.  It was so nice. We didn't have to do a thing. What thoughtful husbands we have.

My niece Kallie being a ham!!

Jace and his cousins J.D. and Ryker

Happy Mothers Day Mom

Jace and Ryker playing Bey Blades. This is Jace's favorite thing these days. If you don't know what Bey Blades are join the club. To me its glorified tops!!!

Jace and Ryker

Sunday, June 10, 2012


 Easter weekend is always a fun busy weekend for us.  We were going down to St George but my sister in law Kamiah got scheduled to have her baby Easter weekend so we decided to stay home and celebrate it with my side of the family this year.  On Sat. all my family met up at Smiths.  They do a really fun Easter celebration.  They give the kids donuts and juice and then they let them go egg/candy hunting down the aisles.  My kids loved it.  They got so much candy! It was crazy.  My nephews Easton and Konner loaded up too.  All the kids ended up giving some of there candy to other kids who didn't get very much.  I was very proud of them.
Cade and Jace with Curtis

 Jerika and Jeremy and Konner showing off their candy

Later in the day we went over to Grandma and Grandpa house to dye Easter eggs.  We brought Isabel with us because she had never dyed eggs before.  They had such a good time.  Isabel was so amazed that the eggs turned different colors.  Then they got to put stickers all over them.  Cade had more fun dying his hands.  By the end they were a really  yucky pucky green! He loved them though. 

On Easter Sunday we got up and went to church.  Afterwards we headed to Lapoint to my parents house.  Evey year my mom and dad put on a huge egg hunt for the kids.  They have candy, money and prizes in them.  Jace was so excited this year.  He talked about it for days before Easter.  By the end of the weekend they all had so much candy it was ridiculous.  We brought Isabel with us also and she was amazed at all the candy that she got! 
Grandma Becky and Easton

 Konner pulling Easton in the wagon.  They had such a fun time.  They would take turns pulling each other.
 Egg hunt on- Cade looking for eggs
 Easton, Jerika, Jace and Isabel. 
 Isabel and Jace
 Hancock crew
 Our Family

 Jace and Cade got new scooters for Easter.
 Jace and all his winnings
 Cade and his winnings
Isabel and her winnings.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jeremy's Birthday

Me and my brother Jeremy are 16 months apart.  This year it was so crazy to see him turn 27.  We are going to be 30 before we know it!  He had a really great party.  I didn't take to many pictures though because my camera died.  He had his party at the Lapoint park.  They had a yummy lunch and dessert.  Jeremy got a lot of Lowes gift cards!  That's what he wanted and that's what he got!!  Jeremy loves to read so he got some books too.  Growing up I can remember going to the library with him all the time.  We loved to do the summer reading program and see how many books we could read.  So I'm proud of him that he kept it up! I also love to still read.  We also played some horse shoes and basketball.  We all had a great time. 
 Jared and his dog King and the birthday boy Jeremy
 My Dad and Jordan
 Easton and Jared.  Dad is consoling him because he fell off the play ground rock wall.
Grandma and Grandpa Cunningham

92 Years

My grandma Merl Horrocks turned 92 years old on March 23.  I have to give her a lot of credit because she is still doing fairly well.  She lives with my parents now but she still can do a lot of things for herself.  Her memory is going really fast though.  Everyday is different with what she remembers.  Its hard to watch sometimes.  Especially when she doesn't know me.  My mom is such an amazing person.  She has so much going on but she does it all.  I know some days she says she is going crazy but she always makes it work somehow.  Thanks for all that you sacrifice mom.  Happy Birthday to a very special Grandma!! Most of my younger memories involve my Grandma.  She was a huge part of my life growing up!!  I love you so much!

After cake and ice cream Jace, Cade and Easton went outside to help my dad burn weeds.  Oh my goodness what a mess!  Jace had to be in the middle of it all and Cade was more concerned about getting wet!  Overall they had a really good time.

 After they were done helping Grandpa, Cade was soaking wet!  So we had to strip him down and dry his clothes.  He had to run around in his undies for awhile.  He found a lego wagon and was pulling Easton around in it.  Easton loved it.  Than they got Grandmas Ipad out and were playing it.  Or Jace was playing and all the kids were watching:)

Jace, Cade, Easton and Konner